The secret for positive training

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Positive mindsets create more fun workouts, help us reach our end goal, and creates a resolution you can keep. Negative attitudes can cause reduced energy within the workout, and decreased motivation for the future.

Here's a few ways I keep myself going to achieve results :)

Realistic expectations

GOALS! we have them in all parts of our life; work, household chores and social events, this can also apply to our fitness training. By creating a long term goal with two smaller goals (short and medium term) to target along the way, our end result seems all the more achievable and more exciting!

Our goals can come in all forms. whether it's to lose weight to fit into your wedding dress or suit, to feel healthier or increase fitness levels, or to develop a healthier mindset and get some stress relief. If you're unsure a personal trainer or friend can help you identify what best suits you, and then it's plain sailing from there!

Our main aim is to keep them simple and small so they are easy to visualize and achieve, document your progress and watch yourself take every step to success.

Keeping dedicated

Don't get my wrong there are days when I can't focus, i'm tired and the sofa seems like a better option. This is when I remind myself what are the benefits to me training today? Mental focus will increase, increased productivity as my stress levels drop, improved physiological health and the serotonin and endorphin release will make me a happier person (although my husband may disagree). These are all scientifically proven results, but everyone is different as is their goal. Try and change your perspective if you're struggling, have an idol to look up to, or even a task such as keeping your gym bag packed and ready to go, when you leave for work.

Plan , plan, plan!

We all know that the most productive people are planners and organisers, yes that's right the ones walking around with diarys attached to their palms, or google calendar talking to them whilst walking to the park. I'm not a planner, but with a fitness programme I know that if I don't plan my workout, or when i'm doing it in my chaotic lifestyle it won't happen. So I see how busy I am, what length workout I can fit in, and what type of fitness training I want to do, and guess what it happens and I feel motivated and ready for the next session.

Take some time at the beginning of your week or day and see when you can fit it in, block that time out and take time for yourself, you deserve it!

The secret to enjoying your exercise programme is finding exercises you enjoy, many people I speak to say they hate exercise because they find it boring, not challenging or motivating. Putting in 45 minutes on the cross trainer is likely to cause a brain black out, but by changing it up and using types of exercises you enjoy such a HIIT workouts, can help you burn fat and calories faster, making it more fun.

Fitness friends

Want to join your best friend on the fitness ladder? Hate working out alone? Sometimes it's better to workout together to achieve our end result. We are less likely to skip sessions, fear stereotyped exercises and more likely to try new exercises if we buddy up. Friends can motivate and push you that much further, they can support you when you feel the negative train coming along and we can teach each other skills we didn't know before. Developing new friendships along the way is another positive attribute, by joining in small group personal training sessions not only could it be cheaper, but a new friendship is built on the same interests and goals. Competitive at all? Know I am and if I train alongside a side group, client or a friend, I motivate myself to achieve more within the 60 minute session. The university of zurich found that fitness friends increased gym attendance and reduced boredom, so find that friend and book it in!

No failures

There are no failures in my eyes, everything is a learning experience and we can only aim to improve. If your results are not happening then help and guidance is needed, but it doesn't mean you have failed, you took the first and most important step in trying.

We all started out somewhere right? And we all have a story to tell… I won't bore you with mine but it's taken years of research and trying with lots of failures to only improve and get the results I want. Remember if your patient and eager, results will follow!


They don't have to be big just noticeable, to celebrate a success and encourage you further. It could be as simple as creating a new motivational playlist, a pamper session, cheat meal or even a social night out. This isn't meant to be a regimented routine to the point you hate what you're doing, make this fun and enjoyable.


I always tell my clients to achieve the best result, it's both in the kitchen and in training, and my rule is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. If you aren't eating a healthy and nutritious diet, the work you put in at the gym isn't going to get you to your end goal.

Having a healthy diet with enough proportions of carbohydrates, protein, and fat can fuel the energy you give to each workout and achieve the most effective form, sprint and result in either fat loss or muscle building.

So effectively eat what's healthy, train effectively, and see your results!

Have fun!



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