My fitness motivation secrets

Every new year we have that same resolution, ‘I'm going to join the gym and lose this christmas weight’. By February our motivation has reduced, the couch is a better option at the end of a long stressful day, and that gym membership you paid for is unused. We all know the health benefits to exercise but it's not what gets us motivated, and we often feel going to the gym is an obligation or a chore.

What if I could tell you that by making a few lifestyle changes this could all change? The gym will become a habit or routine, guilt is no longer lingering over you like a bad smell, and the hard part will be done just by starting.


I'm a big organiser in my fitness, I find its key to a clear mind and success. It will help you import a strategy by changing your focus on your goal, and being ready for what's coming. I know that if I dont have my fitness sessions allocated in my week it won't happen, excuses will arise like gym gear needs washing, or I don't know what I'm doing today. So grab a pen on a sunday night, book in when you want to go during the week, plan that workout that excites you and pack your gym bag the night before.


We are products of our surroundings, it shapes us, motivates us, and can change our mindset. We don't all need to hit the gym to achieve results, and sometimes a change of scenery can motivate us further. The gym is a controlled environment (and often busy), it's where sometimes you go to use heavier weights, use a higher level of resistance on a cardio machine, or maintain a variety in your training. However outside can often create a stress free environment due to your surroundings, and home give you that privacy and convenience. By attending a group class you can not only challenge yourself and inspire you to go further, but you can meet new people and see that fitness is accessible wherever you go. So don't be afraid to vary your training to prevent boredom. It can do more good than you realise.


Identifying your goal can help you visualize your success, and create that emotional trigger that can motivate you to exercise. Try writing it down, have an achievable longer term goal with two short ones in between to meet. Take a picture of yourself that can give you that determination, and when you reach your end result, it can give you that powerful boost because of what you have achieved!


My favourite!! Ask anyone I know and they will tell you I'm very rarely in normal clothes, sports gear or uniform is my wardrobe and it works for me. I love a sports shop and could spend and spend, what's even better is it gets me so motivated, i can't wait to get into the gym to train with my new gym top or leggings. I love the motto ‘dress for success’, if you have the right gym wear you will have less injuries, better performance and protection. Research has shown that a majority of participants felt more motivated when they liked what they were wearing. It gave them a change in mindset, confidence boost and were happy and ready to go. So don't be afraid to spend that bit extra on gym gear, as it can give you more of a boost in more ways than one!


Everything seems less daunting if you're with friends, results have shown that you are more likely to workout for longer, try new exercises, skip sessions and push you out of your comfort zone. Exercise should be fun.. Yes, fun! Having a buddy there can create this and fulfill that socialization aspect.

So grab your mate, partner up and burn some calories together.


Music makes my mood, it changes how I feel and pushes me into another world. Previous research has suggested that music is the fastest way to change your mood and has even enhanced performance by 15% for endurance activities. By finding that right beat or pick me up song you can distract from fatigue and boredom, increase performance and build determination.

So what's that favourite song of yours?


Everyone loves an incentive or a reward, they can increase good behaviour change even in fitness! Those 2 doughnuts (because 1 is never enough) after a gym session doesn't seem so sensible? but there are other ways you celebrate that achievement or goal. Don't get me wrong I love a good food reward but it shouldn't be done so often as it hinders your goal, maybe try once a week? Other options could be new gym gear, a pamper session, doing a session of exercise you love, or as my husband would suggest… a nap!


I have many role models, they spur me on and make me realise what my goal is to be. I like to think if they can do it, so can I. You have them for every asect of life, why not fitness? They don't have to be celebrity or famous trainers, they can be a friend or someone you know. All you need to do is make sure what they stand for is the same as you, they remind you of the importance, they inspire, motivate and keep you on track.

Changes are hard by yourself, don't be afraid to ask for help, it's what we are here for. By having someone to spur you on, motivate and be part of your experience can make all the difference.

By trying these tricks you could go a lot further!

So get up, get going and feel better



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