5 superfood you shouldn’t skip

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Superfoods are foods that are packed with lots of essential nutrients that we need to function everyday. Most of us will take supplements in our life, but what if i could tell you how we could get them in your everyday diet?

They are seen to look after both your body and mind, with some even believing they have healing powers. Many of the superfood articles we read today give us suggestions like matcha, spirulina, acai and goji berries, these are often not widely available and complicated to use.

Here are 5 widely available, everyday superfoods that are also my personal favourites!


Ever heard the phrase ‘eat nuts and live longer’? Well here is why.

Almonds are the best nuts out there to eat, with properties high in unsaturated fat, protein, and fibre they are a great item for your everyday diet. They are full of vitamin E and have minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. This results in many health benefits such as, decreased bad cholesterol, better overall heart health, lowered blood sugar levels in those with type 2 diabetes, and increased mood. Studies have shown that participants that ate the recommended amount were more satisfied and fuller for longer, resulting in less overeating, a reduced BMI and lower body weight.

With many options out there we can do so much with almonds, almond flour for smoothies or cakes, or even almond butter on a bagel.

Just remember 23 nuts a day is our recommended intake as they are still high in fat.


These small blue fruits are a vital antioxidant, that contain enough to improve memory and keep our mind and body strong. With just 1 cup a day, you are consuming less sugar than you would with any other fruit, reducing your risk of cancer, and lowering the chance of coronary heart disease. A study by the American Heart Association, showed that it can reduce heart attacks in women from just one cup a week, whilst another study showed better lung function in males during the aging process.

Besides tasting amazing they can speed up our metabolism, so I know i'll be adding them to my morning oats!


Sometimes called the tree of doom, these green veggies are one the healthiest you see in the supermarket. Ever seen those serious meal preppers with lots of broccoli packed into their meals? That's because they fill you up fast and are virtually fat free. With vitamins A and K, they help prevent anemia and fight cancer, and 100g per serve has one days vitamin C dose aiding iron absorption. These veggies are so widely available they are inexpensive to buy, if you don't like the sound of big bits of broccoli try broccolini, this is definitely my go to variety.


These grains can be a staple in anyone's diet, it has more protein and fat than any other grain, and with good sources of carbohydrates and fibre they can assist with healthy lean muscle gain. Whilst they can keep us satisfied for longer, helping us lose weight and decrease the risk of future obesity, they are a natural food source and provide energy for those long gruelling workouts we dread at 6am.

What nutrients you ask? Well, with magnesium, iron, zinc, and vitamin B your body will thank you with every spoonful. What's even better is the antiinflammatory properties, helping reduce blood pressure, and itching, ever heard of an oatmeal bath for eczema and chickenpox? It's a thing!

Just remember instant oats are often filled with sugar and aren't as filling, so try to go for whole oat grains to get the best out of them.


This is my all time favorite spice, and I love it either in protein balls or my coffee. It's a widely available ingredient and cheap to buy, it's a natural antioxidant which even outranks garlic and oregano.

The anti-inflammatory properties can help fight infections, repair tissue damage, reduce blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart disease. Those at risk or who have type 2 diabetes, LISTEN UP…… just ½ a teaspoon a day can have phenomenal effects on blood sugars, it has been seen to reduce blood sugar markers significantly by 10-29%, this is by decreasing the amount of glucose in the bloodstream post meal. This can also assist with weight loss, and cholesterol levels.

I hope this helps and can inspire you to try these before supplements, try different ways to incorporate into your diet through healthy bakes and meal ideas. Remember if you have a medical condition these are not a replacement, your doctor's advice should always be sought if you are concerned

Enjoy and let me know how you go!



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